Kitchen fully biodegradable garbage bag with roll bag

Specifications: Can be customized according to needs
Material: PBAT+PLA
Purpose: garbage disposal
Bag shape: roll bag
Capacity: Customizable
Sealing design: heat sealing
Usage scenario: kitchen
Uniqueness: 100% biodegradable and durable

Fully degradable kitchen garbage bags with roll bags can be decomposed in the natural environment and will not cause any pollution to the environment. Garbage bags have good sealing properties and can effectively prevent the emission of garbage and odors. The roll bag design is convenient for us to use and can be cut easily, making our life more convenient.

From the garbage generated in daily life to the delivery supplies of restaurants and supermarkets, this kind of garbage bag is widely used in different occasions. It can effectively isolate garbage, prevent the spread of germs, and protect people’s health. At the same time, it can also make our homes tidier and our environment better. This garbage bag is lightweight and convenient, very easy to carry and use.

Minimum order quantity: 300KGS
Proofing time: 7days
Supply: 2000Tons monthly
Delivery time: 30days

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