Disposable pastry plastic piping bag

Specifications/Color/Thickness: Customizable
Material: LDPE  food grade
Surface: Smooth, non-stick material
Usage: Cake piping
Bag shape: triangle bag
Sealing design: heat sealing
Edge sealing design: Edge sealing
Product usage scenarios: dessert shop, baking, cake
Advantages: safe material, beautiful decoration, improved decoration work efficiency, disposable decoration bag does not need to be cleaned

Disposable cream pastry plastic piping bag is a convenient, practical and hygienic tool, widely used in pastry, bread, dessert and other industries.

1. Material safety. The disposable cream pastry plastic piping bag is made of food-grade materials and is non-toxic and harmless, ensuring people’s health and safety when eating pastries.

2. Convenient and fast. Using disposable cream pastry plastic piping bags can make dessert making more convenient and faster, and can effectively improve work efficiency.

3. The decorating effect is good. Due to the softness and fineness of plastic piping bags, the desserts produced are more beautiful and the piping effect is better.

4. Easy to handle. The disposable cream pastry plastic piping bag can be discarded directly after use without cleaning, saving disposal costs.

When making pastries, use a plastic piping bag to add more decoration and beauty to the pastries. In bread making, you can also decorate the dough to create a variety of bread patterns. In dessert making, various flower shapes and patterns can be easily produced.

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