Universal durable transparent ziplock bag

Specifications: Customizable
Material: LDPE
Product use: item packaging
Product bag shape: ziplock bag
Product sealing design: heat sealing
Product edge sealing design: edge sealing
Product usage scenarios: general purpose, can hold electronic products, daily necessities, food
Features: reusable
Minimum order quantity: 300KGS
Proofing time: 7days
Supply: 2000Tons monthly
Delivery time: 30days

Ziplock bags feature self-adhesive seal, tear resistance, reinforced bottom and side walls. In addition, this kind of bag also has hygroscopic, antistatic, anti-vibration and other properties.

Ziplock bags are widely used in electronic products, food, cosmetics, jewelry, stationery, small parts and many other industries. The reliability of ziplock bags is also widely used in electronic equipment, making electronic equipment more durable and protected from external influences. At the same time, ziplock bags are also an indispensable part of transportation and postal packaging, which are very convenient and practical.

Ziplock bags can also be personalized to suit your needs. For example: special requirements such as size, printing, thickness, opening method, etc. In this way, the company logo, or other colors and words can be printed on the ziplock bag, providing your product with a more complete brand image and commercial value, while also greatly increasing the competitiveness of the product.

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