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Xiamen Alright Pack Co., Ltd. is a professional and reliable packaging solution provider in China. We locate in Xiamen City, a beautiful port city, make us enjoy the convenient transportation and ship our goods throughout the world easily.

As an experienced exporter, we deeply understand that the quality is the foundation of long-term business, that is why we always pay high attention to quality control on each procedure of production. We have got lots of positive feedback about our profession, service and products from our customers. I believe we can well cooperate with you too!


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Used in conjunction with machines, Wicket Bag can realize efficient automated production and packaging processes, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.
Wicket Bag
Plastic shopping bags are lightweight, small and easy to carry, making shopping easier. It has moderate hardness and can protect items from damage due to extrusion and collision. Plastic shopping bags come in a variety of styles and colors to meet the needs of different groups of people.
Shopping Bag

Why Choose Us

Product quality assurance

High-quality, environmentally friendly materials are used to manufacture packaging bags to ensure their quality and reliability. We regularly test and screen materials to ensure that the quality of the materials meets the requirements.

Fast delivery

Able to provide personalized design and printing services, and deliver goods on time to satisfy customers. Put the needs of customers first and do our best to provide customers with the best service.

Advanced equipment

We use advanced production processes and technologies to ensure the quality of each packaging bag. We continuously improve our manufacturing processes, optimize our manufacturing processes, and ensure the quality of our products.

Integrity management

Operating with integrity is our basic requirement and core value. Based on the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, fairness and reasonableness, confidentiality and security, and service first, based on integrity, we develop steadily and gain the trust and support of customers.

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