Tissue packaging drawstring bag

Specifications: Customizable
Material: composite material
Usage: tissue packaging, other product packaging
Bag shape: drawstring bag
Capacity: Customizable
Design: heat seal
Usage scenario: daily paper
Recyclable: Yes
Printing: Fonts and colors can be printed as required
Minimum order quantity: 300KGS
Proofing time: 7days
Supply: 2000Tons monthly
Delivery time: 30days


Tissue packaging drawstring bags make it easier for us to carry tissues when going out and keep our mouth and nose clean and hygienic. It uses a drawstring design, which is very convenient and flexible, and you can take tissues at any time. It is very suitable for travel, office, study and other occasions. It has a smooth and beautiful surface and is lightweight, similar to a traditional wallet bag.

Tissue packaging drawstring bags also provide merchants with a powerful way to promote their brands. They can create their own brand image and attract more consumers through customized packaging bags. Size and color can be customized according to needs.

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