Dry wipes and wet wipes packaging composite bag

Specifications/Color/Thickness: Can be customized according to needs
Material: composite material
Usage: dry wipes, wet wipes packaging
Bag shape: composite bag
Capacity: Customizable
Appearance: Fonts and patterns can be printed as required
Sealing design: heat sealing
Edge sealing design: bottom seal
Usage scenarios: floor cleaning, dust removal and no-cleaning


Dry wipes and wet wipes packaging composite bag is a packaging bag used for packaging various wet wipes and dry wipes products. The bag is made of multi-layer composite materials and has various properties such as moisture-proof, waterproof, and oxidation-proof, which can effectively protect the quality and hygiene of the product.

Good sealing: The bag has good sealing performance and can keep the inside of the product dry and hygienic.

Easy to use: The opening design of the packaging bag is simple and convenient, making it very convenient to use.

Multiple sizes: This product can be customized into different packaging bag sizes according to different product size requirements to meet the needs of different consumers.

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