Dustproof Tray Cover Tray Top Cover Plastic Sheet

Purpose: transportation, packaging, storage
Advantages: waterproof, heat insulation, protect product, reduce damage
Material: LDPE
Packaging: customized packaging
Size: customized size
Logo: Customized logo accepted
Color: Customized pattern printing available
Minimum order quantity: 300KGS
Proofing time: 7days
Supply: 2000Tons monthly
Delivery time: 30days


In the field of modern logistics, dust-proof pallet covers are a very important item. It is mainly used for packaging, transporting, storing and protecting various goods. The function of the pallet top plastic sheet is not only to prevent external factors such as dust, moisture or germs from causing items to rust and deteriorate, but also to prevent the goods from being scratched, damaged or lost.

Dust-proof pallet covers can protect goods from environmental pollution and ensure product quality and safety. Secondly, it can reduce losses during cargo transportation and reduce logistics costs. More importantly, the plastic sheet on the pallet top cover can improve the efficiency of logistics and transportation, improve the cargo passing rate and service quality.

Dust-proof pallet covers can improve the appearance and neatness of goods, making goods more tidy and beautiful. Its materials are also safe, non-toxic, and harmless to the environment and human body.

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