Welcome Russian customers to visit

Welcome Russian customers to China, we attach great importance to this meeting. During the reception process, professional translators were hired to accompany you throughout the process and provide professional explanation services to ensure clear and in-depth communication.

  1. PPT explains plastic bag packaging products to customers

First, we will use PPT in the conference room to introduce our plastic bag packaging products to customers. Through pictures and texts, we will display the product types, specifications, uses and applications in different industries in detail. At the same time, we also shared our quality management system and production technology to demonstrate our advantages in product quality and production efficiency.

  1. Lead customers to visit the factory manufacturing process

Then, we will take customers to visit our production workshop, allowing customers to witness the manufacturing process of plastic bag products with their own eyes. At the factory site, customers will have the opportunity to closely observe the processing of raw materials, the operation of production equipment, and all aspects of the production line. Our staff will explain in detail the process flow and quality control measures for each step, and how we ensure the products meet customer requirements.

  1. Understand customer needs and questions

We will patiently listen to our customers’ needs and questions. We welcome any questions from customers about products, production processes or cooperation details and will be happy to answer and resolve them. We hope that through in-depth communication, we can better understand the needs of our customers and lay a solid foundation for long-term cooperation between the two parties.

Finally, thank you again to our Russian customers for your visit, let us work together for common development. We believe that through this exchange, we can establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship and jointly promote China-Russia economic and trade cooperation to a new height.


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