pet poop bag excrement roll bag

Specifications: Customizable
Material: high quality plastic
Usage: Outdoor pet picking up poop
Product bag shape: dog poop bag
Product sealing design: heat sealing
Product edge sealing design: bottom seal
Product usage scenarios: outdoors, dog walking, pet shops, parks
Advantages: Odor-proof, waterproof, odor-proof, environmentally friendly
Minimum order quantity: 300KGS
Proofing time: 7days
Supply: 2000Tons monthly
Delivery time: 30days

Pet poop bags are plastic bags used to collect excrement from dogs, cats and other pets. They are lightweight, leak-proof and easy to use. Pet poop bags can be used to collect and process pet excrement when pets defecate outdoors to protect environmental hygiene. At the same time, pet poop bags can also be used inside the home to put the excrement of dogs, cats and other pets directly into the pet poop bags for easy cleaning.

When using pet poop bags, you need to pay attention to choosing a poop bag that is suitable for the size and weight of your pet. When using it, you should avoid breakage and leakage, and try to minimize environmental pollution. In addition, we should always maintain a mentality of caring for pets, paying attention to the environment, and avoid bad behaviors such as littering.

Pet poop bags are an essential tool for us to take care of our pets.

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