Translucent pet poop bag Roll bag

Specifications: Customizable
Material: high quality plastic
Purpose: Picking up poop for outdoor pets
Bag shape: rectangular, rolled bag
Bag shape: dog, cat, pet poop bag
Sealing design: heat sealing
Edge sealing design: bottom seal
Usage scenarios: outdoors, dog walking, pet shops, parks
Advantages: anti-odor, waterproof, anti-odor, environmentally friendly, beautiful design
Minimum order quantity: 300KGS
Proofing time: 7 days
Supply: 2,000 tons per month
Delivery time: 30 days

Introduction to pet poop bags:

1. It adopts roll bag design, which is easy to access and store at any time, and is very convenient to use. Using a pet poop bag is very simple, just put the bag on your hand and you can easily pick up your pet’s poop.

2. Made of environmentally friendly materials, it will not pollute the environment, conforms to the concept of green environmental protection, and protects natural resources well.

3. Keep your home clean and hygienic to prevent diseases and avoid environmental pollution. Pet poop bags have good air tightness and can effectively prevent the odor of poop from dispersing.

4. Good portability: It is light and easy to carry, so pets no longer have to worry about going to the toilet when traveling. Using pet poop bags can promote public health and maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the public environment.

5. Size, color, thickness, pattern, etc. can be customized according to your needs

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